About Us

Hi I'm Rebekah, founder of Satin Rowe.

Like many others, I struggled to maintain my type 4 curly afro hair as I transitioned to natural back in 2013. Learning to care for my hair has brought me great joy and I am so proud of my curls and coils!

Part of my learning was the importance of night time maintenance. Hours spent deep conditioning and moisturising hair can be reversed by a drying cotton pillowcase. For me, the solution was satin bonnets, but as I shopped around I found there was a lack of styles I would truly enjoy wearing and feel beautiful in while protecting my natural hair.

That's where Satin Rowe comes in, the satin bonnet black-owned business I created with a range of beautiful satin lined bonnets in colours and prints that I'm sure you will love. Each product is handmade in house, here in London to ensure the luxury quality that every Satin Rowe curly deserves.